Legal Information
The following terms and conditions regulate the user’s participation in this Service and are accepted by the user on his first-time use. Wingert Foods GmbH are hereinafter referred to as “WF” and visitors to the Web site as “Users”.

1. Content
All content made available to the User on the WF sites themselves has been compiled with the utmost care. However, WF accepts liability for the correctness, completeness and reliability of content; only in the case of wilful or gross negligence will liability be accepted for any losses or damage suffered by the User, for example as a result of the User trusting the information which he acquired during use of the Service. The entire content of all the WF sites is protected by copyright. The User of the WF sites has no right to copy, publish or circulate the content in either electronic or printed form without the express consent of WF.

2. Interactive Services
In making use of the interactive services, the User undertakes not to publish any contributions which may violate legislation laid down by the German Federal Republic or to misuse the WF server in any such way. The User is also responsible for ensuring that any data entered by him or under his access code does not give rise to any moral danger for young users of the WF site. The User shall respect the cultural and religious interests of other participants and in particular shall not circulate any injurious, libellous, insulting, threatening, obscene or in any other way unlawful comments.

3. Provision of content by the User
The User is responsible for ensuring that no data is entered by him or under his access code whose publication and accessibility breach licensing terms and conditions or German or foreign copyright, duplication rights or trademark rights. He is aware that legal prosecution by the injured party may result. To discover the originator of the damage, the relevant documentation is to be made available. If the User provides the Service with content whose owner has granted him the right of its use and circulation, he also grants WF the right to circulate this content via the WF server or any other media.

4. Availability of products and services
As the WF Web site displays international contents we would like to advise our users that not all products or services shown on the WF Web site are necessarily available in their country. If in doubt please send an e-mail to info(at)

5. WF‘s liability
WF accepts no liability for content and programs in the Service, on the Internet or in any other networks offered by third parties independently of WF, and it accepts no liability for any damage which may arise from these unless this damage was caused by wilful or gross negligence or the wilful or grossly negligent breach of important provisions of this Agreement on the part of WF. The WF site may contain links to external Web sites. Visits to these sites are made at the visitor‘s own risk. WF accepts no responsibility for any technical matters or content of these third-party Web sites.

6. Access to password protected / secure areas
Access to password protected and/or secure areas on all WF Web sites is only permissible for authorised users. WF reserves the right to take legal action against persons who attempt, without express permission, to gain access to these areas.

7. Transfer / storage of personal User data
WF shall hold in confidence all data collected from or transferred via the Web site concerning Users or from Users. WF accepts no responsibility whatsoever for messages to WF or contributions in public / closed areas of the WF server.

8. Use of third parties
WF reserves the right under the User Agreement to make use of third parties to provide services due from it and to demand services due from Users.

9. Assignment of rights and obligations arising form this Agreement
WF reserves the right to assign the rights and obligations arising form this Agreement to third parties, without any requirement to announce this separately.

10. Registered trademarks
All registered or unregistered trademarks remain the property of Wingert Foods GmbH or its respective legal owners.

11. Changes and supplements to individual provisions
Changes and supplements to individual terms and conditions of use will not be separately announced by WF and come into effect immediately.

12. Addendum – „Liability for links“
The Company accepts no liability for the completeness and correctness of the information and offers which are represented on the WF server. Reproduction or quotation of the entire offering or parts thereof is only permissible with the consent of WF.

In its decision of 12 May 1998 (File no. 312 O 85/98 – „Liability for links“), the Hamburg regional court (Landgericht) found that establishing a link may entail accepting co-responsibility for the linked site. The court decided that this can only be prevented by express dissociation from such content. As we have no influence over the design and content of linked sites, we expressly dissociate ourselves from all content on linked sites and do not adopt the content of these linked sites. This declaration applies to all available links on this server.

13. Governing law, place of fulfilment
This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of fulfilment is Cuxhaven. All details for any kind of cooperation are available by e-mail: E-Mail.

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